Thank you so much for choosing to raise funds for us through your Facebook! These donations are an amazing source of income for us, and help us to provide the best quality of life for our dogs while we find them their perfect forever home. We’ve put together some handy tips to help you with your fundraising, we’d love to support you as much as we can, so please get in touch on [email protected] if you have any questions.

Share your fundraiser regularly during the window & ask your friends to share it for you.

The best way to raise as much money as you can from your Facebook Fundraiser is to get the word out! Sharing your fundraiser regularly with your friends and family online will prompt them to donate, and perhaps inspire them to do some of their own fundraising for a cause close to their heart.

Invite friends into your fundraiser!

A great way to make sure all your loved ones who want to support you see your fundraiser, is to invite them to it! Facebook makes this really easy for you to do, and once they are there, they will see how much the cause means to you and be inspired to donate! You can also post updates into your fundraiser itself for people to see, if you are doing a challenge, this is a great way to keep your supporters up to date with your progress!

Personalise your posts – what does our cause mean to you?

Facebook makes it very simple for you to share your fundraiser, and supplies a lovely pre-written message to accompany your post, to help you spread the word. This usually contains some great information and is a really helpful time saver, but why not personalise a couple of posts and see if it helps to raise more money? Using your own voice and sharing your own experience with the cause you are supporting will speak more directly to the people who care about you.

Use our resources to let your friends and family know where their money will be spent.

Why not share one or two of our lovely Happy Tails, so that your friends and family supporting your fundraiser can see the real difference their donations will make to the wonderful dogs in our care.

Once again, thank you so much for supporting Jerry Green Dog Rescue, your support helps us transform the lives of dogs in need and we couldn’t be more grateful! If you haven’t yet set up your fundraiser, you can easily do so here.