East Yorkshire Enterprise Trainer

What do my team appreciate about me?

I have a bubbly, outgoing and fun outlook in life, and have a high work ethic. I am extremely passionate about my job and work hard to achieve goals that are set to the highest standard –some would say a bit of a perfectionist! I am a great team member and communicate well with anyone, I'm a real people person. I absolutely adore my job, working with dogs has always been a dream of mine but, I never thought it would be this rewarding. I love helping you, help your dog. 

I have been training now for just over 4 years, including rescue-based training, 121 sessions and training classes. I have always trained using reward and positive reinforcement training methods, and find this way of training for me, and my clients the most effective. Seeing the development of both behaviour and a bond between owner and their dog through using this reinforcement, for me, is the goal and I love seeing this flourish. I find that owners enjoy the way I teach as I try and make the sessions as informative but as fun as I possibly can and get everyone involved in the training and development. I love talking about dogs, sharing knowledge with owners and helping get the best out of a relationship between dog and owner. 

What's important to me about my role at Jerry Green Dog Rescue?

Since working at Jerry Green Dog Rescue, I have come to realise the number of dogs that need help. I would love to be able to help as many dogs as I can, by setting them up for success in all aspects of life. I would love to get the good word out about the charity and their values, as well as how much they do for any and every dog that comes through their doors. The charity goes above and beyond to help where they can, which any dog lover will appreciate and value. By being enterprise trainer, I want to help raise funds for the charity, but also help educate owners in how to ensure their dogs are a happy, healthy and well-rounded dog in every aspect of life. 

What are my goals for the charity?

To demonstrate the values of Jerry Green Dog Rescue – not only for rescue dogs, but all dogs.  That they all deserve a good life, and a safe loving home. 

What training do I provide?

I provide puppy classes, advanced puppy classes, capable canine classes, agility and meet and greets. Please contact me to talk about your training needs.

Contact Tilly directly via email to [email protected]