Emily’s long term illness prevents her working as an employee at present. However she really wanted to do something meaningful on the days her health would allow her to do so. As she had always loved animals, she was determined to work with them. So volunteering at her local Jerry Green Centre was perfect.

Volunteer role

Her main role involves taking the dogs for walks, but she also spending time playing with them in the paddock, or having a cuddle with them in the home room.

Emily say’s; “there are so many things I enjoy about my roles. I especially love spending time with the dogs getting to know their individual personality quirks and giving them lots of fuss (and getting it in return!). I also enjoy joining in on dog training sessions with staff. I find the training very interesting and it makes me feel more confident when I'm handling the dogs. 

It feels very rewarding to be a part of a dogs journey from when they first come to Jerry Greens to when they find their forever home. Knowing that you've contributed, whether it be a little bit of training, walks, playing in the paddock, or some good old fashioned TLC, is the best feeling in the world!

Why volunteer?

Before I started volunteering I didn't know what I wanted to do career wise, however since becoming a volunteer I have discovered a passion for working with and caring for dogs in need of a better life, and would love to pursue this as a career one day. Best of all, I was able to give a dog their forever home with me!

I would encourage any dog lover who has some spare time to give, to pick up the phone and give Jerry Greens a call about becoming a volunteer, or drop into their nearest centre.”

We say: "We are fortunate that Emily uses her time to assist our Charity and hope that one day she can achieve her dream of a career in animal welfare.

You can find more information on the volunteer roles we have available here.