Individual Giving Fundraiser

What do my team appreciate about me?

  • I am an enthusiastic and positive person who is great at lifting people when they are down
  • I am a well organised person and enjoy working in a structured style.
  • I am very creative and often full of ideas.
  • I am also extremely competitive so will go above and beyond to achieve goals and hit targets

What’s important to me about my role at Jerry Green Dog Rescue?

Job satisfaction is hugely important in this role. It is fantastic to see your hard work rewarded by seeing a dog go home, or raising enough money to ensure they get what they need

One of the best things about this job are the plethora of dog cuddles available every day.

We always have dogs in our offices that are in need of time out of kennels and a bit of TLC, so if ever things get a little stressful there is always a beautiful dog to set you back on track.

I am so proud to work for Jerry Green Dog Rescue, a charity who always sticks by its values to ensure that dogs are put first. I love telling people about what we do here, whether they want to listen or not!

What are my goals for the charity?

The South Lincolnshire Kennel rebuild is a huge goal for me. If by the end of 2018 I can have raised £200,000 to get those dogs the kennels they deserve I will be hugely happy.

I am also committed to ensuring that every supporter of our charity has a fantastic experience with us and feels a valued part of our family. We could not continue to rescue all these dogs without them.

Contact Elizabeth directly on 07921471578 or at [email protected]