In 2021 we launched Jerry Green Dog Rescues Educational plan, building on our virtual classrooms and education content, the voucher scheme started there. We love visiting schools and our main form of communication is often through story-telling: seeing the children thrive on reading and being read to was the inspiration that initiated this scheme.

We are inviting local nurseries, schools and colleges to reach out to us through our [email protected] email to register for the scheme, there are limited annual places so please if you are interested don’t delay registration. We will provide educational settings with vouchers to give to a small number of students monthly either as a reward, recognition or maybe just because the student is in need of a little bit of something extra.

We spoke at length about the best way to do this and recognised every school knows their students best and how best to utilize this to ensure the most positive impact. So we will leave the fine print to each individual school.

What’s in it for us? We get to know that our communities have that little bit extra to thrive, we get to meet and build relationships with members of the public and hopefully, maybe one day someone will feel gratitude towards us in the same way we feel daily about our donors.

At Jerry Green Dog Rescue we consider ourselves to be a part of wonderful communities. Each centre is surrounded by inspirational organisations and individuals that are doing everything they can to promote equality and end suffering. This is something that I, Claire, Head of Income Generation feel passionately about.  One of the reasons I joined Jerry Green Dog Rescue was our founding principles, we do not act within just one area of welfare: the commitment to education, campaigning and awareness is all part of our core work.

As a charity that receives little to no government funding we have always called upon our amazing network of supporters, adopters and donors to help us achieve our goal. Since 2019 when we opened the doors to our first charity retail store, we have had more daily interactions with our communities than ever before and now we have the opportunity to pay some of the loyalty and support back.