We are sure many of you will remember the Five Dogue de Bordeaux puppies that came into our care in an emergency situation. When they arrived at our North Lincolnshire Centre, we were shocked and heartbroken but also incredibly relieved that they were about to get the care they desperately needed. Any later, would it have been too late to save them? We didn't know, but we saw that they were all severely malnourished and suffering from acute worm infestation. Their tummies were incredibly bloated from the condition being left untreated. Just a couple more weeks without medical intervention could have been fatal for them.

The puppies were just seventeen weeks old. Puppies at that age would typically be described as boundless balls of energy, eager to absorb the world around them. That unfiltered, innocent gusto for life makes humans giddy with excitement, right? Unfortunately, this wasn't the case for Merlin, Arthur, Boston (formerly Copper), Halle (formerly Amber) and Rustie. They were subdued, worried and sad.

Upon observation, it was clear that the puppies not only needed their medical needs listened to, but also their emotional needs too. To provide the holistic support each puppy needed, we split them up across two of our rescue centres. Three puppies went to live at our South Lincolnshire Centre and two at our North Lincolnshire Centre. A few months on, we are delighted to bring you the happy tails of all five pups thriving in their new homes! Read on to hear all about their happy endings.


During his short stay with us, Merlin made his personality known. He was one of the more confident puppies. Merlin was inquisitive and would interact with the staff members. He has flourished even more now that he has settled into his home. His new family say Merlin makes friends where ever he goes and adores being the centre of attention when he meets new people. Merlin has a particular soft spot for his adoptive Mum, following her most places, and he loves to snuggle up with her in bed. Merlin loves to play and is a huge fan of fetch and goofing around, but he has shown what a smart boy he is by starting to master the basics of obedience. Merlin has just started the exciting world of walkies, with the support of his new family he is able to take all of this in his stride.


Arthur was one of the most nervous of the puppies when he found himself in our care. He would often choose to hide away to avoid interaction. Despite being a timid little boy, he made friends with the staff caring for him. After a few days, his tail would show a little wag when his favourite team members came into the room. This young man has found a very supportive home to help him navigate the world and show him it's not all that scary. Within his new family, Arthur has Sydney, a cocker spaniel, to look to for support. Arthur's family say this relationship is a match made in heaven on both sides. Arthur can help burn off some of Sydney's high energy when they play, and Sydney is there for support when Arthur needs reassurance. Arthur can still be a little hesitant when exploring the world; he is coming on leaps and bounds! His new owners say Arthur loves to meet other dogs when he is out on his walks and is gaining confidence every day.


During his stay with us Boston was a shy boy. He was always a little wary of new people and liked to follow his siblings around, given a chance. A few of his friends at the centre noticed that Boston loved to lounge about on his bed, enjoying a long snooze. Boston's new family says he is still the couch potato and loves having a cuddle. Not only does Boston love to snuggle up to his new humans, but he also loves to snuggle up to Milo. How lucky is Boston to have landed a new home with his very own supportive big brother?! Milo is another Dogue de Bordeaux and is happy to show Boston the way at home. Boston can often be found playing with toys to entice Milo into playing with him. When Boston is all tuckered out from playing and needs a little power snooze, he often falls asleep with his bottom teeth on show (as you can see; very cute!) while he recharges his batteries.


Halle was quite reserved to begin with, but once she settled in, she loved to greet her new friends here at Jerry Green Dog Rescue. She would often pop her paws up on us with excitement upon our arrival! Now settled in her new home Halle's owners say she is the most loving little babe. Halle wants constant cuddles and is her new Mum's little shadow. Although she can be a little timid sometimes, she is courageous and sassy too. Halle makes the most gorgeous sound when she barks and has a complete body wag that melts your heart. Halle also has a new big sister to share her home with, Luna. Halle and Luna's relationship is absolutely amazing to watch. Halle utterly adores Luna; they sleep, play and eat together. Halle looks to Luna for reassurance and comfort and feeds off Luna's aloof behaviour. Luna is pretty disinterested in other dogs and people when she's out, so Halle is learning they are nothing to worry about. They have been on holiday together, have many days out, including pub dinners, and have done fantastically. Halle seems to mimic Luna's relaxed attitude and remains laid back in these situations. On walks, she loves running in the woods and is so excited by the sand; she loves to dig holes on the beach and then play in the water.


Rustie was one of the quieter puppies when he came into the rescue centre, but one

thing was figured out quite quickly about this friendly puppy…. he loved his

food! Understandably after what the puppies had been through, Rustie was a little

reserved and tended to follow Halle around. Rustie has gained two new sisters in his wonderful new home. He shares his family with Lottie and Bonnie and loves his big sisters very much. Lottie, like Rustie, is another Dogue de Bordeaux but doesn't quite have the zest for life that Rustie has, she prefers a leisurely approach! Then there is Bonnie, a French bulldog, who has fallen head over heels in love with Rustie! The unlikely duo are best friends and always together, whether playing or sleeping. Rustie's new family say he is an absolute character! He is very well-behaved and very friendly. He's been on holiday to the Yorkshire Dales and was made to feel like a celebrity. Everyone who crossed paths with him wanted to stop and give him a fuss! Rustie enjoys his walks very much, and his confidence is growing now that he has found his perfect home.

We think you will agree that all five puppies have absolutely landed on their paws. It is lovely to hear how well they are all flourishing, especially given their start in life. That's not the end of our puppy tails….keep tuned for an update on the litter of podenco cross puppies we had in our care earlier this year.

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