Our Community Support Scheme in East Yorkshire is a unique initiative aimed at providing essential dog walking services to individuals facing challenges in meeting the exercise needs of their furry companions.

This free community support service is designed to prevent the need for dog surrender, particularly among those who may be elderly, coping with mental health issues, dealing with health concerns, undergoing treatment, and more.

Molly's Story 

How do I apply for support?

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
(with the subject 'Community Support Request')

Call: 01430 449112 or 07741 193367

For more information, you can also contact your local Jerry Green Dog Rescue centre. 

This service is not means tested and is currently open for applications in the following postcodes only: HU3, HU16, YO43, HU15. As we recruit more volunteers, we hope to be able to grow this service and offer more support in more areas, so please regularly check back to this page. 

I'd like to volunteer for this scheme...

Thank you so much for showing an interest in volunteering with Jerry Green Dog Rescue. To find out more about joining us as a volunteer dog walker and to apply for the role, please click HERE.