Do it for the dogs!

We know we have some charmers staying at our centres – why not organise your own fundraising event for them? Every penny you make will help give our dogs a comfortable stay with us, and the best chance to find a happy home. 

  • Already have your own idea? Choose an appeal or the general appeal and set up your fundraising page now!

Fundraising ideas

Get selling

  • Dig out your old comic books, unused kitchen appliances and unwanted presents and take them to a local car boot sale
  • You can sell just about anything on eBay – and our rescue dogs would love to be the beneficiaries
  • Your arts and crafts could raise money for our dogs through selling to friends, family, colleagues and beyond!

Get baking

  • Everyone loves cake! Organise a cake sale at school, work or a local fair / street party
  • Offer to bake a cupcake for any of your schoolmates or colleagues willing to make a donation
  • Invite your friends around to have a fun day of baking and challenge each other to sell your cakes for the most!

Get hosting

  • Offer your dog-sitting services to friends and neighbours – enjoy looking after their dog while earning money for rescue dogs at our centres
  • Fundraising supper clubs are a great way to show off your cooking skills while supporting the dogs in our care
  • Have a projector? Put on your own cinema event for friends (popcorn optional!), with a suggested donation to Jerry Green

Get active

  • Sign up for a running / cycling event in your area and raise sponsorship for our dogs
  • Get sponsored to complete your own challenge – climb a mountain or swim a number of lengths, for example. You can ask for sponsorship per mile, or metre, or just for completing your challenge!
  • Ask for donations to support Jerry Green's dogs in return for helping neighbours: car washing, delivering groceries or taking their dog for a walk

Get involved – and bring your friends!

You don't have to come up with your own ideas or organise your own events.

  • Attend one of the events other dog-lovers are organising and attending to help our wonderful dogs
  • You could even sponsor a kennel or the daily activities that keep the dogs in our care woofing happily

Whether you're Doing It Yourself or someone else has organised your event, make sure everyone knows what you're up to – and that they can do their part for our rescue dogs, too!