You may remember Dan – this handsome chap came to our East Yorkshire centre last year looking for a forever home. While in our care, he sadly developed a tumour on his left leg and due to its positioning, only part of the tumour could be removed by our vets. This meant that it is likely to grow back and will be more aggressive than before, and will therefore shorten his life.

Despite this, Dan was his usual happy, loving self and wasn’t in any pain - you’d never have known he was living on borrowed time.

So our team set out to find him a home where he could spend the remainder of his days, however long or short they may be and put together a bucket list of activities for him to complete.

After a few months of searching, the perfect companion came along in June. As soon as June saw Dan, she knew they were a picture-perfect match. Like Dan, sadly June also has terminal cancer and was looking for a snuggly companion to support her and create memories with. This lovely lady knew she would be able to give Dan the home he deserved and cross off the most important thing on his bucket list – find a forever home.

Dan is now loving his new home and is living his life to the full every single day. He keeps showing June what an intelligent boy he is by chatting away with her and playing with his favourite toys – tennis balls! Dan still loves his walks and cuddles and with help from his wonderful family, he has already completed over half of his bucket list. We’re so happy for both Dan and June that they’ve found each other and will be able to create some fantastic memories together.