Prices are rising at a staggering rate, including pet supplies such as dog food, flea and worming treatments, not to mention all the toys dogs seem to chew through! We are determined to keep families together through these tough times by offering items free of charge to help keep your dog happy, healthy and in their home.

All items are free of charge and you can use our service as and when you need it. Support is not means tested and our staff are non-judgemental, they are committed to helping dogs from all walks of life when they need it. The items we have are all donations that have been made to Jerry Green Dog Rescue, so unfortunately it’s not always possible to request a specific brand or type of item, but we will do our very best to help you find it. Items available include but are not limited to:

  • Dog food/treats
  • Leads/collars/harnesses
  • Flea and worming treatments
  • Toys and enrichment
  • Beds and crates
  • Accessories such as bowls etc.

Support is available across the four regions in which we serve. Items can be collected from either one of our centres or shops by yourself or someone on your behalf. We may be able to post smaller items and if staff capacity allows delivery in the local area may be possible. Please contact your closest centre and ask them about ‘community support, donated items’.

East Yorkshire:

Telephone: 01430 449112

Email: [email protected]

South Lincolnshire:

Telephone: 01205 260546

Email: [email protected]

North Lincolnshire:

Telephone: 01652 653343

Email: [email protected]


Telephone: 01623 792886

Email: [email protected]