Notts Community Fundraiser

What do my team appreciate about me?

What do my Team appreciate about me? Well I thought the best thing to do with this question is to ask the team that I work with!! So straight from the horses mouth were: witty, sense of humour, makes me laugh, and  funny. So I suppose my team think I am funny!

I did also receive comments like hard working, always willing to help, kind, knowledgeable, and honest! I would like to think that these qualities along with my sense of humour are what my team appreciate about me.

What’s important to me about my role at Jerry Green Dog Rescue?

It is important to me that I try my best to deliver what is expected of me as a fundraiser, raising funds and awareness in our community is all part of being the best fundraiser that I can be. I value the fact that I am able to work with a great team and have hands on support when required.

It is important to me that I know that I am helping dogs find their forever homes. I have always had rescue dogs and knowing that I am helping the dogs makes me feel very proud. I am  quite literally #doingitforthedogs and this gives me great job satisfaction as this is what touches the very heart of me and drives me to reach out to everyone around me for their help and support whether it is financial, emotional or physical!

What are my goals for the charity?

My goals for the charity are to raise as many funds as possible so that we can make sure that the dogs in our care are kept to the absolute best standards whilst in our care.  I happily ‘shout from the rooftops’ at how well we look after our dogs whilst finding them their forever home. I want to continually raise our profile and awareness, letting everyone know who we are and how good we are at what we do., and always  making sure that we are fit for purpose.

Always striving to be better at my job, learning new things that will help me have a better understanding of how I may achieve my goals is something that I constantly strive for and am always wanting to improve on what I have achieved so that it may help the charity that I am committed too – Jerry Green Dog Rescue!

Contact Cathy directly on 07921471566 or at cathy[email protected]