Christmas is a wonderful time full of food, giving and love. However the change in routine and busyness can be very stressful for your dog. Learn how to keep them safe and happy throughout the celebrations with our handy top 10 tips:

  1. Keep decorations out of reach – avoid any emergency vet visits and keep decorations away from doggy mouths

  2. Give them their own Christmas treats – a lot of the indulgent foods we have around Christmas can make them very sick

  3. They need their own space too – lots of visitors can make your dog feel anxious so give them a space where they can be on their own and relaxed

  4. Be careful with what you leave under the tree – dogs can sniff out sweet treats wrapped under the tree, avoid anything being damaged or eaten by keeping presents out of the way

  5. Share the Christmas love – it is a busy period so your pooch can feel left out, make sure you regularly show them attention so they know you’re not ignoring them

  6. Don’t forget to exercise them – we know it’s a busy and cold period but our furry friends still need to de-stress and run around

  7. Stick to your normal routine as much as you can – your dog doesn’t understand that it is a holiday and may become distressed by the change

  8. Don’t leave your pet alone for too long – when out and about visiting make sure you leave plenty of food and water and where possible arrange for someone to pop in and check on them

  9. Give them a break from the kids – excited and loud children can stress your dog, even if they are usually happy around children it’s good to give them a break

  10. Don’t forget their present! – Not only is a new toy or treat a way of including them on the big day, it can also keep them focused and entertained in the madness of the festivities