About Charlie 

Age: 1 years old. 
BreedStaffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
Gender: Male. 

Hi, I'm Charlie! I'm looking for a new patient family. I am unfortunately very under socialised with everything, as I haven't been around many new things. For this reason, my new family will need to have a lot of time and patience and be willing to work on my current training plan, to help me try and overcome my fears and anxieties and try and help me become comfortable in the scary world.

I will need to live in a very quiet/rural area, so I can go on quiet walks so I won't get too overwhelmed too quick. This means I will also be needing my own garden, so on the days I am feeling too overwhelmed I can have a nice play and relax in the garden!

I will be needing someone who won't be leaving me on my own at all for a while, as I love being around my people too much and I really do struggle being away from them. For this reason too, I'm looking for someone that won't mind me having access to the whole house, as I will be wanting to keep my eye on you where ever you are, as I am quite clingy. However, the helpful team here at the East Yorkshire centre, along with the centre trainer will be more than happy to go into more detail about me upon enquiring and to go over what my training plan needs to look like in my new home.

I need to be the only pet in an adult only quiet home. If I sound like a dog you want to help, please call the centre on 01430 449112 or email [email protected]