Central Office Manager

What do my team appreciate about me?

On top of running my self-employed business and succeeding in retail management, I’ve been involved in Jerry Green Dog Rescue for over 25 years. My team appreciate the history I can share, the organisational knowledge I maintain as well as the experience I have gained through my previous roles. 

The team know they can ask me anything and I will always try to give them time to talk things through - more often with a dog in my lap - which they quite like about me too!

What’s important to me about my role at Jerry Green Dog Rescue?

I am passionate about animal welfare and my love of dogs stands with me every day. My role is to make sure we raise the funds we need whilst making sure we make savings where we can to make the best use of supporters money by ensuring it goes straight back into the care of the dogs. Being part of the Charity, which is person-centred means my voice is heard and I feel that I can then help my team, my work colleagues and last but not at all least – the dogs at our centres.

What are my goals for the charity?

To deliver our strategic plans including our fantastic fundraising, business and marketing plans.

To ensure that the fundraising team are out in the community, talking to our supporters and sharing the love of our dogs.

To make sure we are always looking at our finances and saving as best we can ensuring that our supporters money is benefitting our dogs and the care they need.

To make sure that Jerry Green Dog Rescue is the place to go to for all things in dog welfare and re-homing.