“We decided to go to Jerry Green Dog Rescue after our last dog passed away. We saw a dog we liked, his name was Benson, he was four years old and had hip dysplasia. We decided we would take him home and he settled in really well and he gained the nickname ‘Street Dog’ as everyone knew him when we walked down the street.

Benson loved to travel and he was always the first one in the car, especially if we were going to see my Mum, Joanie. He loved going to Cornwall and he even walked with us to the top of Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales! As he got older and his legs got weaker, we bought him a dog buggy which he loved to sit in when he’d had enough of walking. Later we bought a caravan and he loved going on holiday. He used to sit on the decking and watch the world go by. Everyone used to stop and give him a fuss.

Benson sadly passed away when he was 20. We talk about him every day, he changed our lives and he is deeply missed.”

We want to be there for all the dogs like Benson that need our help for many more years to come. If you could help us to do this, we, and all of our Jerry Green dogs, would be so grateful. You can simply TEXT JERRY to 70201 to donate £1 towards our vital work, or perhaps consider sponsoring a kennel at your local centre for just £1 per week. Thank you.