Carole found volunteering by pure chance. She was distraught to lose her precious Golden Retriever Toby in March 2016. The following month her step-daughter told her about a Golden at Jerry green Dog Rescue who was looking for a quiet foster home to recuperate following a knee operation. I contacted a member of staff who was a friend of my step-daughter and went along to meet Willow the following day. My family ended up fostering her and it helped me enormously having Willow to care for when I was still grieving for Toby. Although I have always been a massive dog lover, I hadn’t ever thought about fostering until Willow came along, but I am so glad she did!

Giving a dog a foster home

Her family now foster dogs as and when the opportunity arises and at the time of writing was just fostering there 12th dog. When her commitments allow, she also does some dog walking.  

She says she love dogs, but as they can't have a dog permanently for financial reasons, fostering gives them the best of both worlds as all the needs of the dog are paid for by the Charity. It makes her feel happy to know they are providing respite and comfort for dogs that need the extra support and love and she really enjoys spoiling them.

Her advice to people considering fostering is that it's not always easy being a foster parent as it’s hard to say goodbye to them. But as you have an active involvement in meeting prospective adopters (as after all you will know the dog better than anyone), it is comforting, knowing they are going to a good home. She suggests you try it as the rewards are well worth it.

We say; if it was possible we would send every dog to a foster home, as kennels are not the ideal environment for dogs. So please take Carole’s advice and just try it…you have nothing to lose and it is so rewarding! 

If you are able to provide a foster home for one of our dogs please get in touch with your nearest centre.