Buddy’s story is one we sadly see when owners have to move house and are unable to take their dogs with them – often due to landlord restrictions.

Buddy didn’t adapt quickly to kennels, so to start with he was put on a training plan to help build his confidence in kennels which involved lots of enrichment and plenty of time out of his kennel with staff.

It took Buddy a little longer to settle and come out of his shell but when we were able to see his true personality return, he was fussy and friendly and loved to give slobbery kisses!

Once he was on the website it didn't take long for him to find his perfect home with someone who came to our coffee mornings. After having a coffee and a cake with them the team agreed the family sounded like a great match for Buddy so booked a Meet&Match® visit.

The family absolutely fell in love with Buddy and couldn't wait to adopt him. After a home visit just to ensure Buddy would be happy with them, they adopted the handsome chap. Buddy is now called Humphrey and is living his best life in the ‘pawfect’ home!