Our Brilliant Dog Awards are new for 2020! Join Rachel with your pooch and build your way up from Bronze to Gold in her fantastic training classes covering 10 different skills. 

To find out what you will learn at each level have a read below. 

1. Ready and prepared

You and your furry friend will be ready to learn and face lives hurdles head on! You will have the necessary equipment, poo bags and an ID tag. The 'ready and prepared' skill is covered in all 3 levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold.  

2. Focus on handler

BRONZE – Focussing on handler

SILVER – Focus on handler with distractions

GOLD – Focus on the move

3. Positions 

BRONZE – Sit, Stand, Down – using a hand cue

SILVER – Vocal Cue for each position with NO hand signals.

GOLD - Vocal cue for each position, away from the dog at a distance building up to approximately 10m

4. Remain in position

BRONZE – Teaching a wait/Stay – NO DISTRACTION.

SILVER –Inside with distractions

GOLD – Positions outside, including cars and doorways

5. Handling/grooming/muzzle training

BRONZE –Introduction to grooming

SILVER – Appropriately handled and health checked by each owner with correct recognition of dog body language during examination.

GOLD -Dog being health checked/handled by third party (Dog Trainer) with owner’s observation of appropriate body language signals. Appropriate muzzle fitting if necessary.

6. Loose lead walking 

BRONZE – Loose lead walking introduction

SILVER – Loose lead walking with distractions

GOLD – Focus work ‘watch me’ and natural distractions

7. Recall

BRONZE – Intro to recall - Indoors

SILVER – Outside in an enclosed area. Progression of recall with a dog distraction at a distance

GOLD – Natural distractions & ‘real world’ examples i.e. smells, toys, food and dogs. Five successful repetitions.

8. Settle

BRONZE - Introduction to settle on a specified mat/blanket

SILVER - Increasing duration dog settles on the mat with owner recognition of rate of reward. Dog should be able to settle for 1 minute.

GOLD - Duration increased to 2 minutes with a send to mat from 5m away

9. Self-control

BRONZE –  Leave it, Drop it, Food Manners

SILVER – Leave it progressed, Release & retrieve – Indoors

GOLD – Release and retrieve (same as above) with natural distractions

10. Clicks make tricks 

BRONZE – understanding training concepts

SILVER - Training concepts in action

GOLD – Achieving desirable trick/behaviour

To book your place or to find out more about our Brilliant Dog Awards, give Rachel a call on 07464 490201 or email [email protected]