Dogs play a big part in our lives, in-fact we spend so much time with our furry friends that at one point or another we think about giving them a bath, cutting their hair or wondering about the length of their nails.

But does your dog need to be groomed? And does this need to be done professionally?

All dogs benefit from using regular professional dog grooming services. It keeps them looking good while keeping them happy and healthy. Grooming maintains your dog’s healthy coat and skin and regular thorough brushing and bathing keeps coats shiny and healthy while reducing shedding.

Also, regular nail clipping not only keeps their nails short but helps reinforce healthy foot structure and posture. Grooming sessions will not only leave your dog smelling good but regular visits can detect issues with ears, skin, teeth and more.

But, can you maintain your dogs coat at home?

As a professional dog groomer I encourage home grooming and maintenance. Regular brushing, bathing is fantastic for their health and well-being and builds up a bond too. 

I am happy to show you what are the best brushes to suit your dog and how to use them. However, when it comes to styling are you comfortable using sharp scissors and clippers around your beloved pet? 

A lot of training and skills go into using the right equipment and patience too. Also things can get very messy and hairy. Unless your prepared to do a lot of training and gain experience it’s better to leave full grooming styling to the professionals.

All dog grooming services are unique and individual. Why not take the worry out of dog grooming and book in with us here at Jerry Green Dog Rescue where using our service helps raise funds for dogs in rescue?

So why wait and book today!

Remember: keeping up with minimal seasonal grooming not only keeps your dogs well-groomed but keeps them happy and familiar with the grooming routine.