Our very own Tilly Saunders has been training dogs for over 4 years and is highly experienced in dog training and socialisation!

In the piece below, Tilly shares in her own words, the importance of training your dog …

To have a well-mannered dog is something the vast majority of dog owners want as who wants an unruly dog taking over your life?

From basic manners, agility, or problems, it is important to seek professional advice to assist you in helping you and your dog to become a happier partnership. Utilising training schools and behaviourists will help you achieve your goals and more, with your dog, to help them become as balanced as possible and overcome any issues you may be having. Not every trainer that is out there, will be right for you and your dog, so it is important to do your research to ensure you find the right trainer for you and the goals you wish to achieve.

Here at Jerry Green Dog Rescue, we would always recommend you use a trainer that uses positive reinforcement methods, and ask what training and qualifications are held, to be certain that the advice you’re being given is balanced and backed up by scientific knowledge. 

We offer a variety of both behavioural and training sessions at our Nottinghamshire centre. The sessions vary from puppy training, advanced puppy training, agility sessions, workshops, 121 assessments and behavioural training. If you would like some advice, or to book a training session with Rachel our Enterprise Trainer, please contact: