Our very own Tilly Saunders has been training dogs for over 4 years and is highly experienced in dog training and socialisation!

In the piece below, Tilly shares in her own words, the importance of socialising your pooch in the right way…

When we get a new dog, whether it be a puppy, adult or a rescue, we feel over the moon and want to show them off to the world, and often that’s what we do. We take them out to meet lots of dogs and people as we think this is the best way to socialise them and for some it can be.

However, for some dogs it can be overwhelming and cause them to become stressed in those types of situations, which could cause problems further down the line. It’s really important to socialise your dog, but you need to do it in a way that is right for your dog or your puppy, we advise an individual approach.

Some training providers run off lead puppy play parties, which although have some positives, don’t necessarily provide the correct atmosphere for learning boundaries with other dogs and setting them up to succeed with interactions in the future.

We would always advise to do both on and off lead greetings with your dog so that they learn how to greet people and other four legged friends appropriately in a variety of environments.

If your dog is a little nervous around other dogs, we would always recommend seeking advice from a training professional and using positive reinforcement methods during their training. Any training interaction by you or by professional should use positive reinforcement, that way your dog/pup learns through reward when they have got it right – it also makes it lots of fun for them! 

If you would like some help socialising your dog or puppy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Enterprise Trainer, Rachel.