Our very own Tilly Saunders has been training dogs for over 4 years and is highly experienced in dog training and socialisation!

In the piece below, Tilly shares in her own words, advice on how to settle in your dog …

Getting a new dog is exciting for everyone, including your dog, and all you want to do is show them off to the world – your dog may seem more than willing!

But, did you know it can take a minimum of 3 weeks for your dog to start feeling comfortable with their own surroundings and really start to trust their new owners?

So taking them to lots of new places and meeting lots of new people, can be scary for your dog. Advice from many trainers is, to give your dog time to settle with people they know in their home before having lots of people around or going new places.

Take your dog on a similar routed walk each day, so they can scent out their surroundings.

Give your dog time and patience to settle in, they may be very overexcited for a couple of weeks and do lots of silly things, but they will learn your way and your routine given time.

Our Enterprise Trainer here at Jerry Green Dog Rescue is very experienced in settling in dogs to new homes, so if you would like any help or advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch with her: