Benji, a super handsome 6-month old Jack Russell Terrier cross, unfortunately, found himself looking for a new home at Jerry Green Dog Rescue during the pandemic


Due to the lockdown rules, Benji had not been able to be exposed to the social interaction that young dogs need therefore, Benji was fearful of anything and everything, such as new/unfamiliar sounds. He was prescribed medication to help his anxiety, alongside a training plan to help with his gentle exposure to new and novel things.


Unfortunately, due to his worrisome nature, he was looking for an adult-only household, and would need someone at home with him the majority of the day to support his transition to a new home and be there to help him through the changes. Whilst he was at the Nottinghamshire centre, Benji lived in one of our very comfortable Meet&Match® rooms.


It took several days before he would approach any staff members at the centre. Benji would run and hide as you entered the room and would sometimes bark. However, his confidence grew after a short while and he gradually started to cope better in his room.


Benji’s Meet&Match® appointments went really well with new family, they listened to everything the centre suggested, and a lot of hotdogs were involved too! They committed to many meetings, to ensure that Benji felt comfortable and confident to start his new life. This patience proved to be a great success with Benji as he is now doing incredibly well in his new home and is being thoroughly spoilt! His loveable and cheeky personality brings a smile to his new family's faces every day! Benji may like to remind them he still has a voice from time to time but the love he gives makes it all worthwhile. It’s also very rewarding to see how far he has come from what was a really difficult start to life for him.


Since being adopted, we have supported Benji and his adoptive family with his behaviour as he weaned off the anxiety medication. However, as he has adapted to his new life, he has needed us less and less. Benji will forever be a Jerry Green Dog and any support needed in the future will be welcomed. We are so pleased for him and his new life!