0 years 6 months


Mastiff Cross

Hello, pleased to meet you! My name is Bella and despite looking a little cutie in my picture, little couldn't be further than the truth! Everyone tells me I am going to be a big girl when I grow up and always talk about how big my paws are, that probably explains why I can be a little clumsy sometimes. I am a super intelligent little lady that is looking for a forever home that has the time to continue my vital training and socialization. I need a home that has experience of large breed puppies, it would also be great if you had experience of owning a dog through their terrible teens to help support me in the best way possible. I am looking for a home with no other pets as I will take up all of your time as I am going to need your full attention. My friends think I was taken from my litter too early so I missed a lot of important lessons from my siblings. I would be able to live with children that are in key stage 4 and above that also have experience of large breeds, this is so they understand to be calm around me and not be too rough with me, I would love for them to help with all the training that I have been working really hard on. I would be looking for a home where I would never be left as I am destructive when I am bored even in really short periods of time however this could be built up slowly as I settle in the future, my friends say I can't help it, I am just too clever and can get a little bored. I would also need a home where your time can be dedicated to me and my training so I wouldn't be able to cope even with someone who works from home!

If you feel like I could be the little monkey you are missing from your family please contact my friends on 01623 792886 or email on [email protected] xx