Barley came to us with two other Border Terriers as sadly their owners could no longer care for them. Barley was a happy go lucky boy with so much love to give. He was a really confident young pup at only eight months old and he had his whole life ahead of him.

He had a routine check-up at the vet and all appeared normal. We then had him booked in to be neutered which is when we got the call. They found a heart murmur. Barley was immediately referred to a vet who was a heart specialist. Without knowing the full extent of the murmur and what effect this would have on his life we couldn't put him up for adoption straightaway so we put out a call for a foster family. An amazing family came forward who were able to give Barley the love he needed until we knew more.

We were all so worried about little Barley. We had the appointment with the specialist, it was a worrying time but Barley did amazingly well and laid very still on the table to have an ultrasound scan of his heart.

The vet told us how serious the condition was, it was life threatening and without help Barley wouldn't make it to his second birthday. The surgery was very expensive and cost £4,000 so we asked our wonderful supporters for help. The money we needed was raised overnight by our incredible supporters and the vet was able to carry out the surgery which would totally repair the condition and ensure that Barley could live his life to the full as if he never had a heart murmur at all.

Once Barley had fully recovered we were ready to put him up for adoption. Barley had stolen his foster family's heart so when he was ready for rehoming they just couldn't let him go and offered him a forever home, where he is now thriving!

We want to be there for all the dogs like Barley that need our help for many more years to come. If you could help us to do this, we, and all of our Jerry Green dogs, would be so grateful. You can simply TEXT JERRY to 70201 to donate £1 towards our vital work, or perhaps consider sponsoring a kennel at your local centre for just £1 per week. Thank you.