Come and say hi to the biggest fuss pot in town!

  • Name: Autumn Weston

  • Age: 5

  • Breed: Staffordshire bull terrier cross

  • The centre they are an ‘Ambassadog’ for: North Lincolnshire

  • Favourite hobby: Autumn absolutely loves cuddles in bed, she only gets them when one of her human parents are off work for the day so they are an extra special treat and she spreads out and snores her head off! When she is feeling a bit more active she loves going into the woods and playing fetch with a tennis ball.

  • Least favourite thing: Every evening before bed Autumn and her little brother Sooty have to go to out for their last’s a daily battle to get her off the sofa and outside! It literally takes five minutes to coax her off the which time Sooty has already been out!

  • Favourite snack: Hot dogs or anything meaty

  • Least favourite snack: Autumn pretends to Mum and Dad she hates any kind of dog treat and only eats meat but when she is being a 'Ambassadog' she all of a sudden will accept any treat!

  • What does Autumn like about being a Jerry Green Dog Rescue 'Ambassadog?'
    Autumn was part of a cruelty case and nearly lost her leg so she loves raising awareness that no matter what a dog’s background is they can go on to make amazing pets. She loves showing off her big scar and also trying to combat the prejudices against staffies by showing what a big fuss pot she is. Autumn is all about the cuddles and has a particular soft spot for men... men in white vans in particular!