3 years 2 months



Hey, I'm Arthur. It really is great to meet you! I haven't had the easiest time before coming to Jerry Green, I was found straying very, very hungry. But thankfully I was picked up and finally found my way to a warm bed and a full belly. When I first came into Jerry Green I had a very painful wound on the end of my tail and quite a bad infection, despite how painful each wag must have been I really did just have the wiggliest tail. So that I can safely carry on wagging, I have had 3/4 of my tail amputated and feel much better for it. It wags more now than ever. Since being here and feeling so much love I really do feel like a little puppy again, playing with soft toys is my favourite but cuddles with these kind humans is a close second. I never knew what toys or cuddles were before coming here, but I sure do now. I am looking for a home of my own where I will be the centre of someone's world and spoilt rotten. The home I have been dreaming of, and well what I deserve to have, would be where my favourite people are going to be around for most of the day as I do struggle being on my own now I know what love feels like. I would love to be the only pet in the home as being a Lurcher I do love to chase small fluffy things. I can also be a bit worried by other dogs so I would need to be the only dog in the home. This way I can get all the attention. The one thing I would love to have is my very own secure garden where I can zoom around with my toys, 6ft fencing should be enough to contain me. I could live with children ages 12+ as I can be a bit bouncy sometimes, you know I am a Lurcher and I have legs for days. If you have room in your heart and on your sofa for a sweet boy like me please do get in touch with my friends here at the Nottingham Centre on 01623 792886 or drop them an email at [email protected] I will be waiting patiently for you, lots of licks Arthur xoxo