Want to play Swapsies?

 Our aim is to raise money for the refurbishment and renovation of our South Lincolnshire Kennel Blocks to create a more home like, relaxed and spacious environment while the dogs wait for their forever home.


Swapsies is super simple, we are asking you to swap something you would usually buy and instead donate the money equivalent  to the South Lincolnshire Kennel Build Fund.


What do you get in return you ask?


Besides that warm glowing feeling that you get when you have done something absolutely amazing for a Rescue Dog,  you will also get our appreciation for your help and the knowledge that you have made a tail wag today!


So people of the world, let’s get swapping!


Could you swap a bottle of wine this weekend for a £5 donation to the dogs?


Swap a trip to the cinema for a £10 donation.


Instead of a meal for 2, give our dogs a £20 donation.


It’s doesn’t have to just be you either why not get your workplace or community group involved?


There a million ways you can get involved in our Swapsies campaign as an organisation or business.


Do you fancy swapping your suit for jeans in aid of Jerry Green’s?

Who doesn’t love a non-uniform day?

Swap the shop bought lunch for last night’s left overs  and donate your lunch money to Jerry Green Dog Rescue.

Are you a club or community group that wants to give back and like to get involved with things going on in your area? Why not pledge just one week’s subs to help towards our South Lincs Build Appeal.


It is just small thing to give up but if everyone gets involved we could swap the dogs old tired kennels for the brand new ones they deserve! Come on, Do it for the Dogs!


Share your swapsies with us on social media and let us know what you gave up for the dogs.


#swapsies #JerryGreenDogRescue #DoitForTheDogs

Want to know more about the South Lincolnshire Kennel Build Project?


Our South Lincolnshire centre is undergoing major structural and cosmetic changes, we want our dogs to have more home like, warm and spacious kennels that make them less sad about being away from a home environment. 20 years ago our kennels were at the highest standard of welfare but today they require refurbishment and renovation to bring them up to scratch.


It will cost us £200,000 to complete the works which we need to raise by the end of 2018. We have lots of different appeals that you can get involved in, so if you would like to know how you, your workplace or community group could get involved in this project contact the fundraising team on:

T - 01652 657820

E - [email protected]