Everyone meet Squiggles! Squiggles is a gorgeous little Dachshund who was sadly found as a stray.

Upon arrival, Squiggles presented a very worrying picture, he was very uneasy on his legs, wobbling and falling as he walked, and appeared to have very little control over his back end. The team feared a serious spinal injury and Squiggles was taken straight to our vets for thorough investigation.

The vets feel that Squiggles is not a candidate for surgery, and that if his symptoms are possibly a long term condition he has been dealing with, or a result of a recent trauma. It breaks our hearts to think how long he may have been in pain before he came to us. He is now on a pain management plan, and is already significantly more comfortable. He has shown us his amazing personality now and is such a loving little gent, no amount of cuddles is enough for Squiggles!

Once we were confident his pain was under control and his welfare was much improved, we could embark on the next steps, an extensive physiotherapy and hydrotherapy journey, to build up his muscle strength and help him support his own weight more effectively.

We are so grateful to Georgie White Veterinary Physiotherapy and Woozelbears Hydrotherapy and Grooming in Spalding, who have so kindly donated their services to help us get Squiggles well. And Squiggles has so far been a dream patient, even falling asleep during his first physio session! We are confident that with the right treatment and care, Squiggles can live the full, pain free life he deserves.

Squiggles journey with us may be a long one, and there may be bumps in the road, but we will be with him every step of the way. If you are in a position to support Squiggles’s care, we would be incredibly grateful.

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