Thank you for considering sponsoring a kennel at our South Lincolnshire centre! The South Lincolnshire centre first opened its doors to dogs in need in 1997, in Algarkirk, near Boston, and Jo our Centre Manager has been there since day one! This centre is lucky to have a wonderful training space, the PawPrint Pavilion, where the amazing team help to rehabilitate some of our dogs, who may need a little extra help to settle into their perfect forever homes.

Meet the current resident of our South Lincolnshire Sponsor Kennel:


Hi folks! My name is Nala, and as you can all see, I'm pretty gorgeous!

I am an eighteen month old Akita cross and I am a big bundle of love and fluff looking for my new home from the South Lincolnshire centre!

Kennel life has been a bit tricky for me but the team have been taking such good care of me and have helped me settle loads. They've been providing me with lots of enrichment activities to keep me happy and calm. They have also been doing lots of training with me, the team say I have a high prey drive, I don't know what that means but what I do know is that the muzzle training I have been doing is loads of fun! I have also been learning how to walk on a harness as well as how to settle when in a car… it’s been a busy week!

Although I am making leaps and bounds the search for my forever home continues, until it comes along could you help my friends keep my kennel cosy, my belly full, and the treat bag full of tasty grub by sponsoring my kennel for £1 per week? Thank you!

Sponsor Nala's kennel for just £1 per week here!