When our South Lincolnshire team were notified of two separate dogs, both injured, alone and vulnerable, they couldn’t stand aside. Both of these beautiful dogs were in significant pain, with substantial injuries requiring urgent veterinary care. Sticking to our promise, made in 1961, we could not allow these desperate dogs to be put to sleep, when all they needed was a little help and love.

Relieving their suffering came at a price, as we funded medication, surgery and aftercare. As an animal welfare charity, this money is hard to come by and even harder to replace. We need your help, so that we can be there for more dogs like Ted and Dory. Instead of facing an uncertain future, with the imminent threat of being put to sleep, Ted is now searching for his forever home. Whilst Dory is only just beginning on her journey to recovery, we will be on hand to provide expert care and to find her the perfect forever home, when she is ready. 

With vet costs ever increasing the need for us to ask for your support is more urgent than ever before. Whilst Ted and Dory needed us yesterday, there will be many more in the future and with your help we can be there for them all.

Donate today to future-proof their tomorrow.