Times are tough for everyone right now, with prices rising every day, and wages struggling to keep up. We knew that this would sadly lead to more dogs coming into our care, as owners are forced into the heart-breaking realisation that they can no longer support their beloved dog’s needs. What we had feared as the cost of living crisis began to hit the headlines, has now landed on our doorstep.


Meet Poppy, Poppy is a seven-year-old, very much loved family dog. She is sweet, gentle and good natured, and when she arrived to us over the bank holiday weekend she was in terrible pain and discomfort, hardly mustering the energy for a cuddle and only able to lie at the team’s feet with a snuggly blanket to try and provide at least some comfort. Poppy had been diagnosed with Pyometra, and her uterus had already ruptured. Anyone who has heard that devastating diagnosis before knows that time really was of the essence. The prognosis without swift veterinary intervention is around 24-48 hours. Poppy’s owners had hit hard times, and just did not have the funds to pay for her treatment or ongoing care. They came to us as their last hope to save her life. We rushed Poppy to the emergency vets, and she received the surgery she needed just in time. She still has a long way to go in her recovery and will require round-the-clock care, all of which comes at a huge financial cost. Poppy’s treatment bill is already over £1,000 and although we took her in without hesitation, the financial burden is staggering.


Essential funds have gone from our bank, we need to provide more care for Poppy and the dogs who will come, without doubt, after her. Can you help us to fund Poppy’s op and ongoing treatment? Without your support we simply cannot help dogs like Poppy, we know times are hard but, if you can, please consider donating so that we never have to hesitate 💚


To donate £1, text POPPYSOP to 70201

To donate £3, text POPPYSOP to 70331

To donate £5, text POPPYSOP to 70970

To donate £10, text POPPYSOP to 70191


Any funds raised above Poppy’s veterinary bills will go towards the care of all Jerry Green rescue dogs.

* Fundraising, payments and donations will be processed and administered by the National Funding Scheme (Charity No: 1149800), operating as DONATE. Texts will be charged at your standard network rate. For Terms & Conditions, see https://buff.ly/3kEsuPD