When Otis came into our care, we were instantly concerned about his welfare. 

His coat was heavily matted due to his incontinence. 

He had difficulty coordinating his movements. 

The experienced team knew Otis needed urgent welfare care. 

Within days... the team set to work helping Otis to feel more comfortable by getting his matted coat cleaned; soothing the sensitive and sore skin below caused by urine scalding. 

A visit to the vet offered little reassurance as to Otis's future and felt his injuries may be due to a possible trauma injury. 

A playful puppy...

Do not be fooled by the bounce and the play ...

It is feared Otis is suffering from spinal dysfunction causing incontinence and issues with coordination.

Only a costly MRI scan will inform the team and medical professionals how much damage there is and if there is anything we can do...

The cost of a future...

A trip to a specialist referral unit will be needed to get Otis the MRI scan. With a minimum cost of £3,000. This means Otis's care 

could cost the charity thousands and thousands of pounds. 

This will give us the information we need to find out if we can give Otis the chance of happiness he deserves. 

The only thing we can focus on right now is doing the right thing for Otis! 

Can you help us fund his care? 

Can you give £5? Just £1 for every month Otis has been alive can help us to investigate and get a better idea of what the future looks like for this puppy... 

Please note: Otis has a long road ahead and we are not accepting interest in his rehoming at this point. Please follow our social media channels for updates .... Should we reach our fundraising goal of £3,500, all other donations will be used to provide medical care to dogs in need at Jerry Green Dog Rescue.