Thank you for considering sponsoring a kennel at our Nottinghamshire centre! Our Nottinghamshire centre was first opened in 1988 as one of our smallest centres. In 2015 it was completely rebuilt to bring it up to the highest welfare standards!

Meet the current residents of our Nottinghamshire Sponsor Kennel:

Murphy and Mouse!

Hello everyone! My name is Mouse (I'm, the handsome one on the right!) and along with my bestie Murphy (left) we're the new sponsor dogs at the Nottinghamshire centre. We can’t wait to share with you our rehoming journey through our weekly updates!

We love each other so much so we're hoping someone will be able to have both of us, so we can continue being best buds and having adventures together.

If you can support our journey, please sponsor our kennel at the Nottinghamshire centre for as little as £1 a week.

Sponsor their kennel for just £1 per week here!