Thank you for considering sponsoring a kennel at our Nottinghamshire centre! Our Nottinghamshire centre was first opened in 1988 as one of our smallest centres. In 2015 it was completely rebuilt to bring it up to the highest welfare standards!

Meet the current resident of our Nottinghamshire Sponsor Kennel:


Hi there! I'm Bobby! My friends at Jerry Green's say I am such a handsome boy, don't you agree?

Being a lurcher I am quite a sensitive soul but this also means I am very loving.  I find small and fluffy things very exciting and I do like to chase, for that reason I would need to be the only pet in the home.

I am still learning how I should act around other dogs as I get a little frustrated at times so it would be great if my new family are happy to continue to help me with this so I can learn how to be the bestest boy possible. I would be happy living with children 11+ pending a successful meet at the centre so I know we will be happy living together, this being said I would need a calm and quiet home with a low visitor load to help me kick back and relax.

I would need a secure garden where I can have lots of off-lead time doing zoomies and play with my toys. I would like my walks and home to be in a quiet area because I can be very chatty when I see or hear things, I would hate to upset the neighbours but I just like to let everyone know how I am feeling! I would love for my new family to be around most of the day as I do struggle when being left alone, as I said earlier, I am a very loving boy and love being around my hoomans for company.

If you can support my journey, please sponsor my kennel at the Nottinghamshire centre for as little as £1 a week.

Sponsor Bobby's kennel for just £1 per week here!

* If for any reason Jerry Green Dog Rescue is no longer to offer this sponsorship package as described, you will be transferred to a similar package of an equivalent value, and you have the right to cancel at any time.