Devastating winds on the 29th January 2022 blew down our shelter which in turn took out our fence. Our rescue dogs use this space for some much needed freedom to run, play, sniff and dig. Dogs are happier when they can exhibit natural behavior,  this paddock is a much used resource. 

The team also enjoy outdoor time with our dogs providing safe supervision at all times despite the weather. This shelter kept them dry when it poured, offered shade in summer and somewhere to cuddle the dogs while taking in all nature has to offer. 

If all of that wasn't enough of a loss, this paddock is hired by our supporters as safe area for their dogs while the donation they give helps fund medical care, food, and toys for the rescue dogs!

The cost to repair the fence will need to covered but we will also need to replace the shelter or fingers crossed find a donor/corporate or company who can help us get back up and running as soon as possible.

All funds raised will go towards the paddock restoration and anything left over will be used to make it even greater than it was before today! 

Thank you