Mickie and Minnie are the spitting imagine of Disney’s Pongo and Purdy, but this isn’t a fairy tale story, not yet, not without our help.

Mickie, is a young Dalmatian pup at only 8 months old. He arrived at our centre with excruciating leg problems and severe muscle wastage in the leg and hip joint which have already caused irrevocable damage. At this point we don’t know if his story will end with all four paws safely on the floor as X-rays have shown a bone growth deformity in his knee which may result in a cruciate ligament rupture, or even amputation….

The fight to save his leg starts now.

Just like the pain in Mickie’s leg, the cost is huge.

The heartbreak doesn’t stop there, Minnie is showing early signs of Hip Dysplasia, a debilitating, painful condition.

With two young pups in need of so much help, we are working tirelessly to fight for their future.

We are sharing this story, to reassure you that we are here for dogs when they need us, and we won’t give up. We know this story might be upsetting but we need to get the message across that we are not only here for dogs in need, but owners too. If you need our help, please ask for it. It is why we are here.

We know that the cost of the rehabilitation needed for Mickie and Minnie to live out their ‘happily ever afters’ and to start their new chapter is considerable but they deserve their fairy tale ending. Please help us make this happen.

We are seeing an ever increasing number of dogs that require expensive veterinary treatment. This is not only a strain on our resources but also our emotions, as we love each and every dog so much and it is hard sometimes to see a beautiful soul in pain, but we carry on and we make sure that we provide all the treatment and give them all the love they need.

Please help us fight for these dogs and all the other dogs that need us. We have noticed a decline in online donations since people have returned to ‘normal’ life but please don’t forget we are still here doing everything we can to save the lives of dogs just like Minnie and Mickie.

Sadly, we have read this story before, the chapter will repeat. The pages and faces change but the story remains the same. This isn’t a ‘once upon a time’ -  it is now, it is real life and it is hard. In an environment where money is short and resources are low please consider helping to support us to ensure that we can continue to provide fairy tale endings to dogs like our Mickie and Minnie.

Donate, or sign up as a regular giver today and help keep their dreams of a happy ever after in reach.

You can donate here using the donate button or text to donate.

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To donate £10, text JERRY to 70191

Thank you so much for your consideration. 

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