Our handsome chap Dan is so full of life and joy you’d never know he was living on borrowed time.

Dan developed a tumour on his left leg during his time at our East Yorkshire centre. The tumour has been operated on but, due to its positioning on his leg, the vets were unable to remove all of it. This means it is likely to grow back and will be more aggressive than before, therefore shortening his life.

However, Dan is his usual happy, loving self and is living his life to the full. He is not in any pain and all he would like is a lovely home to see out the remainder of his days, however long or short.

He needs a family who will give him the time and care he needs so he can live out his days feeling loved and secure. He is great with volunteers and is a favourite among them – he always has a cheeky smile on his face!

He enjoys going for walks and socialising with other dogs but he’d prefer to be the only dog in an adult only home. We don’t know what Dan’s future looks like, but we do know any family would be lucky to have this ray of sunshine no matter how long he has left.

Our Dog Welfare Assistants have even created a bucket list for Dan – could you help him complete it? Even if you can’t offer Dan a forever home but would like to help him complete his goals, why not sign up as a volunteer? Call our East Yorkshire centre for more information.

  1. Find a forever home!

  2. Go to the beach

  3. Climb a mountain

  4. Snuggle up on the sofa with my new human

  5. Start a squeaky ball collection

  6. Have a chicken dinner

  7. Swim with the Lochness monster

  8. Help put up the Christmas decorations

  9. Walk along Hadrian’s wall

  10. Enter a sausage catching contest

  11. Ride in a basket on a bike

  12. Have a birthday party

  13. Go 'glamping'

  14. Go trick or treating

  15. Meet a celebrity

If you could be the perfect match for Dan and give him the forever home he desperately needs then please contact our East Yorkshire centre on [email protected] or call 01430 449112

If you can’t help with offering Dan a home, then we urge you to share his appeal so we can find him a home where he can spend the rest of his days sharing all of the joy he gives us!