Nottinghamshire Centre Manager

What do my team appreciate about me?

My team understand the experience I have within the animal welfare industry and that I am always available to help with guidance, advice and support. I am empathetic and have literally been in their shoes, my team know that I will always help them work through any emotional tests that they may come up against. I genuinely care that my team are happy and will help in any way possible to ensure they keep their passion alive for animal welfare. We have a mutual respect within the team and I take pride in watching the team grow and learn new skills. 

On a lighter note, my team appreciate my lighthearted personality, we spend more time at work than at home so it is important for me to make the environment fun, and a relaxed nature. We talk through the tough times and share the fun times. 

What’s important to me about my role at Jerry Green Dog Rescue?

The role of Centre Manager comes with a great responsibility to not only ensure that the welfare of those dogs in our care is at the highest level, but to also ensure that the team are happy and mentally healthy. Working in the animal welfare industry is an incredibly emotional industry and one that takes great resilience as a person, as the Centre Manager, it is my role to support the team through the everyday challenges and keep their passion alive. 

The role itself is incredibly important to ensure that the centre is running smoothly and that we are able to support not only the dogs in our care, but the local community too.

What are my goals for the charity?

My goals for the charity are to increase our support within the community of dog owners. To raise awareness on the help available and provide support for dog owners to keep their dog instead of having to bring them into rescue. For those dogs that need to come into the centre to look for a new home, our goal is always to find them the most wonderful life possible, and we will continue to support those dogs once they have found their new home. As a nation of dog lovers, it is important that we offer a non-judgmental, non-means tested support link with our community, which will ensure we can not just help the dogs needing help, but also the owners who may feel they have no option but to rehome their beloved dog. 

Contact Amanda on 01623 792886 or at [email protected]