Alix wanted to give something back to the community after being so impressed with the volunteers during the Hull UK City of Culture 2017. Having volunteered herself in the past Alix knew the value of volunteering. So, having moved away from all her friends and family in Liverpool and due to self-employment which can lonely and isolating, she felt volunteering was a great way of getting human, as well as dog, interaction. She also suffers from Seasonal Affected Disorder making it really difficult to get out of bed and get dressed on those dark, cold mornings if she doesn’t have to get up for work. So volunteering gives her a reason to leave the house in winter.

Reasons for volunteering 

Sadly, Alix could not have a dog when she was younger due to her Mum’s allergic reaction. So when her hectic Hull 2017 job was winding down, she and her partner adopted a rescue dog that had been found starving on the streets of Cyprus. From that moment, she knew she wanted to help more dogs.

When history repeated itself and it turned out her partner’s daughter was allergic, they had to make the heart breaking decision to rehome their dog. So, Alix now gets her doggy fix at our EY centre. She was delighted to be re-united with her beloved dog at a recent dog show.

Living within walking distance of the Gilberdyke centre, she walks the dogs and helps out at events such as the annual dog show. She also uses her Public Relation skills to help with promotion and advertising.

Being self-employed means some weeks Alix has no free time and other weeks and in others she has loads of free time. She feels that the beauty of volunteering is it is flexible, and can fit around her work. She loves the joy on the dog’s faces when she takes them out for a walk, but also finds it bittersweet. Feeling sad to see all the dogs who haven’t got a home, but happy to know they are in safe hands and that she is contributing by giving them exercise. Alix misses every dog when they get rehomed, but is delighted to know it’s the start of a new life for them.

Alix wants to encourage people to volunteer, as she feels the social aspect is a great way to meet people, but also the health benefits of walking dogs not only keeps you fit but can also help you lose weight. 

We say: "We are happy that we can facilitate Alix in fitting volunteering around her work schedule and we are lucky to be able to utilise her specialist skills."

To find out how you can volunteer with us visit our main volunteer page or ask at your local centre.