Alfie came into the care of our East Yorkshire Centre and instantly stole the hearts of those he met with his boundless energy and love for life!

Alfie was very much loved by his previous owners, but sadly, they hit hard times and were forced to downsize into a flat without a garden. They felt Alfie deserved a home that would be more suitable for his needs. As heartbreaking as it was to ask for help, they knew that it was the best decision for Alfie.

It was clear that energetic Alfie would need a very active family that could give him plenty of exercise as well as keeping his mind busy with enrichment toys and playtime! Alfie was also very affectionate with his new human friends at the Centre, and had so much love to give. 

As soon as he was available for adoption, Alfie gained quite a bit of interest from potential new families. It wasn’t long before he had a visit from a potential adopter, however, it wasn’t meant to be on that occasion, so we continued with our search to find Alfie his perfect match.

A week later, our East Yorkshire Centre received an email from a family who felt that they could offer the perfect forever home that Alfie was searching for! 

This is Alfie’s adopters’ story…

“Our small family had been wanting to rehome a rescue dog for a couple of years. We were looking for a dog that could live with children, be comfortable living near a main road and around other dogs. We also like to walk, so finding a dog that would be happy, and physically able to join us on our long walks and adventures was also important for us. We were very active in our approach to finding the right dog but we missed the boat a few times. I was checking Jerry Green Dog Rescue’s website first thing every morning and last thing every night. Then, we saw Alfie! I messaged the Centre at 6am. Unfortunately, we were informed that a visit had been arranged the day before with another family. I was disappointed but happy for Alfie.

However, around a week later we had a call to say that things hadn’t worked out and would we be interested in starting the Meet&Match process for Alfie. We were away when we got the call but met Alfie as soon as we got home. He was a bundle of energy and very curious! I wondered if he would ever stand still or ‘sit’! We had a few visits in quick succession. Despite the pace, the process was very thorough. Plenty of paperwork and informal interviews. We were thrilled when we adopted Alfie and could take him home! 

Alfie settled in with us so well, he was even better trained then we initially thought he would be. I think it was difficult to know from our visits

due to the big change of leaving his previous home, which would have been distressing for him. My son has managed to teach him a few tricks as well. Alfie is a very loving and friendly dog who loves human company (as well as his ball).

It’s not all been entirely straightforward and potential adopters should give careful consideration to the commitment of taking on a dog – we’ve had periods of all-night barking, a dislike of several dogs in the neighbourhood and a propensity to chase anything that moves! We wouldn’t change him though. He’s part of the family and we are committed to keeping up the training. Alfie won the ‘Handsome Chap’ category at the Jerry Green Dog Rescue’s Online Dog Show in December and is looking forward to trips out in our camper van! I would encourage anyone to consider adopting a rescue dog – we are proof that the right dog is out there and that Jerry Green Dog Rescue are very careful in their rehoming and behavioural assessments. This is more than you would get from a breeder.”

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