Say "awooo" to Alfie!

Alfie is the white husky in the middle of the image above. Here he is pictured with his brother Loki and sister Eve, who are also 'Ambassadogs.'

  • Name: Alfie (AKA Alfred Perriwinkle Fluffbuttle the 3rd)

  • Age: 7 (His birthday is the 12th of October)

  • Breed: Siberian Husky

  • The centre they are an ‘Ambassadog’ for: North Lincolnshire

  • Favourite hobby: Napping and wooing! 

  • Least favourite thing: TREATS!

  • Favourite snack: CHEESE!

  • Least favourite snack: Any normal dog treats

  • What does Alfie like about being a Jerry Green Dog Rescue 'Ambassadog?'
    Lots of snuggles and distributing the glitter!