I’m sure you may recall this heartbreaking incident which occurred in late 2022.

A desperate call from another local rescue, Pages Pet Rescue, reached our North Lincolnshire center on a somber Saturday. They had received an urgent plea for help from a local man who had discovered eight puppies, starving, filthy, covered in fleas, and terrified, cruelly tied to a tree at Ollerton Pit. Left to an unthinkable fate, abandoned and alone.

This rescue operates on a foster basis, with space available for a maximum of three of the pups. We didn't think twice before welcoming the other five puppies into our care. However, upon their arrival, we were devastated by their condition. It was disheartening to see these innocent little creatures in such a life-threatening state. The team was left in shock, as it's always heartbreaking to witness puppies in such a condition.

They arrived filthy, cloaked in the stench of their own waste, infested with relentless fleas, their delicate skin bearing the scars of innumerable bites. Hunger consumed them, leaving their frail bodies absolutely ravenous.  We believed the puppies to be Caucasian Shepherd crosses, but it is impossible to be sure given the condition they were in. They are large breed Shepherd types, underweight and needing a lot of TLC. We believed at the time of their abandonment they were just 14 - 16 weeks old. It doesn’t bear thinking about what might have happened to them if they were not found by such a kind stranger.

Those pups needed huge amounts of care, at a huge cost, and going by past trends and the volume of desperate calls we received every day at the time, there was likely another tragic case following close behind them and we was not wrong, 2023 has been antoher year full of hearbreaking cases of dogs and puppies who need our attention.  The need is relentless and ongoing. Please, please help us if you can, we need to always be able to help puppies like this when they need us. We know we are asking an awful lot of you, our supporters, but we can't help to think that without your support, where would these pups go? 

The puppies were in urgent need of extensive and costly care. Sadly, this is not an isolated case, as we continue to receive numerous urgent calls each day. Throughout 2023, we have been confronted with distressing incidents of dogs and puppies requiring our immediate attention. Our resources are stretched thin, and the demand seems never-ending. We appeal to our supporters to assist us in any way they can. Our commitment to helping animals in need remains unwavering, and we recognise that we are asking a lot from our community. However, as we enter 2024, we are concerned about what challenges will arise. Your help is critical to enable us to help every dog that comes to us and enable them to embark on the path to recovery.

Show our dogs with nowhere else to go that they are not alone this Christmas, donate today.  


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