This weekend marks 59 incredible years of Jerry Green Dog Rescue and we welcome you to celebrate with us!

In that time, we have had 43,633 dogs come through our doors, that’s 43,633 lives transformed, 43,633 dogs that had a place to go when they needed it the most, and we could not have been there for any of them without the generous donations of our supporters.

Our 59th year has not been without its challenges, with dogs spending longer in our care due to having more complex rehoming criteria (therefore increasing our operating costs) and the recent Covid-19 pandemic affecting us both operationally and with our fundraising, it has been tough, but our dedicated teams have kept going with your support.

As we look ahead to our 60th birthday, we wonder where we will be as our future is uncertain. But what we do know is that we will continue providing the highest standard of care to all of the dogs who have found themselves with nowhere else to go, with your help. 

It has also been a year of celebration and success, we are so proud of everything our team, past and present, has achieved. We will be sharing with you just a few of our highlights on our social media channels – so keep your eyes peeled for lots of fun this weekend!

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@Jerry Green Dog Rescue


How you can help:

We need your help to continue our work, we need your help to keep changing lives, we need your help to make sure all the dogs who need us will always have a place to go, so please donate if you can.

The best birthday gift you could possibly give us, would be a little spare change, to help us look after the dogs in our care, thank you.

To donate £1, text BIRTHDAY to 70201
To donate £3, text BIRTHDAY to 70331
To donate £5, text BIRTHDAY to 70970
To donate £10, text BIRTHDAY to 70191

Donate online here