For all of our Jerry Green Rescue Dogs we want nothing more for them to be healthily living in their forever homes, for some this is more challenging than for others. Kiiva, through no fault of her own, has not found the place to call her forever home despite never putting a paw wrong!

Miranda, Deputy Centre Manager had the following to say about this unlucky pup “Kiiva is an amazing companion dog and loves sitting at her friends feet, giving nothing but love all day. She is a gentle dog with a very special glint in her eye”

In order for Kiiva to find her forever family we will need a little help from our friends! At just 5 years old Kiiva should love nothing more than running and frolicking around, but to her it is just too painful. Every step to Kiiva is causing more and more discomfort. 

With surgery costs looming we are asking your help to put the spring back in this gentle husky’s step.

How much would you give to be able to see this beautiful girl bound around a safe enclosed paddock? To see her stroll around with her new forever family? Any amount, no matter how small will surely make a HUGE difference to Kiiva.

Please donate what you can today and help make a life changing difference to Kiiva.

Donations in excess of the cost of Kiiva's surgery will be used to fund life changing surgery for Jerry Green dogs in need! 

Thank you