Nicki George, is our South Lincolnshire centre’s Enterprise Trainer and is our very own expert in dog agility and training.

We caught up with Nicki to see what a typical day is like in her exciting role:

In my role I am lucky to meet lots of lovely new people and their dogs, usually I spend the first part of my day responding to enquiries and meeting clients who need help with their furry friend.

There are a variety of dog training classes I offer, all which use positive reinforcement methods. These classes include loose lead walking, recall, stay, puppy classes, agility and much more. I also offer 1-2-1 classes where I can focus on any specific issues the client may want to focus on with their dog.   

With every class, I make sure the client walks away with a full understanding of how they can continue the training I teach them in their home and answer any questions they have.

The majority of the time I am fully booked up with classes all day, but there is the odd occasion where I am able to spend time working with the dogs in the centre, particularly in the summer. When the sun is shining I enjoy working on our dog’s agility skills – not only does this provide them with mental enrichment and is lots of fun, but it also teaches them some new skills ready for their forever homes.

My role at Jerry Green Dog Rescue is really important to me as I want to promote the benefits to all dog owners of how a positive and mutually understanding relationship with their dog can enrich their lives. I also want to bring to raise awareness of how a rescue dog can bring so much happiness to a family, with a little time, patience and understanding.

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All of the money raised from our training goes towards our rescue dogs.