This year has been, without a shadow of a doubt, the hardest year we have faced as a charity, in our nearly 60 year history, we have seen huge projected financial losses and had to make heart wrenching decisions to ensure we can continue our vital work.

With absolute dread we sat and watched the announcement, with a sense of fear for the future. As an animal welfare charity we do not qualify for the majority of the support grants offered to charities by the government. We know many of our supporters personally and on occasion you have said “we will always give what we can”, something which you selflessly do, time and time again, and something we couldn't be more grateful for. Unfortunately now, as we close our retail and centre doors for another month of intense lockdown, with all prospects of community fundraising gone, the time has come where we need to ask.

Can you please help us? Can you support our dogs? It is with a heavy heart that we ask you to think about all of those happy tails we have shared with you, all the pictures of forever families, and that now, in this very scary time, to give once more to ensure that we are there for all those dogs we haven’t met yet, who will need our help.

Our staff got dressed and came to work today to do what they always do, be the heroes that our dogs need, to give them hope of finding those families who will love them without question. Our teams know the situation and that our fundraising team are doing all they can to raise the vital funds needed to provide the care for our dogs. We need to get through this month’s lockdown and are asking you to be our heroes, it costs £95,986.27 to run our four centres for a month and together we need to make that happen.

It may be a pound, £10, £100 or 1p, every single penny will count and will make an invaluable difference to the dogs in our care!

Support our dogs, be our lockdown lifeline!