Thank you for considering sponsoring a kennel at our North Lincolnshire centre! The North Lincolnshire centre is our founding centre, in Broughton, near Brigg & Scunthorpe, and Jerry Green himself lived on this site when it all began way back in 1961! This centre has lots of lovely green space for exercising our dogs, and we’re very lucky to have amazing woodland just next door for long sniffy adventures that the dogs love!

Meet the current residents of our North Lincolnshire Sponsor Kennel:

Pebbles and Trigger!

Hello everyone! We’re Trigger and Pebbles and we’re the new sponsor dogs at the North Lincolnshire centre. We’re a brother and sister duo who love each other SO much! We’ve never spent a day apart so are searching for a home together where we can continue hanging out and living our lives to the full.

When we first came into rescue the team here were a little worried that we might have some underlying health problems so we went for a full check over (top to tail!) as they wanted to make sure we got the very best care we needed. Thankfully we’ve had the all clear to start looking for our forever home! 

We’re ready to find our retirement homes where we can chill, play and love on our new forever family. As we’re a bit older, we don’t know how long we’ll have to wait for our dream home but we hope it will be soon. While the team go on the hunt for a suitable family could you support our rehoming journey? If you can spare £1 a week it would be greatly appreciated.

Sponsor their kennel for just £1 per week here!