Our South Lincolnshire centre is undergoing major structural and cosmetic changes, we want our dogs to have more home like, warm and spacious kennels that make them less sad about being away from a home environment. Twenty years ago our kennels were at the highest standard of welfare but today they require refurbishment and renovation to bring them up to scratch.


Swapsies is a game we teach the dogs at the rescue to help them to learn not to ‘guard’ items from people and other dogs. It involves swapping treats or toys of higher value that the item they are guarding. This helps them learn that what we have is much more exciting than what they want to keep.

So with that in mind we have decided to launch our very own version of Swapsies, to help raise money for our rescue dogs to get the improvements they need to make the kennel environment a more calm, relaxed and spacious space while they wait for their forever home.

Extreme Fundraising Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge that will literally save lives? So you fancy yourself a real life DareDevil? Want to finally conquer that fear? Do you think you could get your colleagues could take on a sponsored golf tournament?

Whether you’re endurance ready, up for a sprint or willing to take that leap at 12,000 feet, Jerry Green Dog Rescue is asking you to help today! Every charity needs a hero and we need you!!