Thank you for considering sponsoring a kennel at our Nottinghamshire centre! Our Nottinghamshire centre was first opened in 1988 as one of our smallest centres. In 2015 it was completely rebuilt to bring it up to the highest welfare standards!

Meet the current resident of our Nottinghamshire Sponsor Kennel:


Hello world! My name is Alfie, and I think it’s about time I got into the spotlight, there is no-one here more handsome than me surely?! They tell me I’m a cheeky little terrier, with a huge personality! I am always the life and soul of the party wherever I go! There is nothing I like more than a big old basket full of toys to dig through. I especially love the ones where you can pull all of that white fluffy stuff out, my friends here keep putting it back in so I’m keeping busy during lock down!

There is a strange mood around at the moment, and some of my favourite volunteers haven’t been to see me in a while, it can’t be anything I’ve done of course so I know something big must be going on, and my pals here say that’s why I have to wait a bit longer for my forever family.

Could you help the lovely Jerry Green people to keep my toy box full and my kennel nice and cosy until this is all over, by sponsoring me for £1 per week? 

Sponsor Alfie’s kennel for just £1 per week here!