For a one-off payment of £24, you can become a Jerry Green Dog Rescue Annual Member, supporting rescue dogs all year round.

Your £24 could go towards helping dogs like Rex.Rex came into Jerry Green Dog Rescue on the 28th February 2017. He was very underweight, weighing around only 20kg and was extremely anxious around new people. He came into rescue through no fault of his own – he and his owner were sadly made homeless and so there was no choice but to find a new home for his beloved dog. During Rex’s first few months in kennels he was very unpredictable around people and displayed concerning behaviours as he struggled to cope with everyday situations such as going for walks and playing off lead. He was a very unhappy boy.


The Dog Welfare team began to implement a training plan with Rex which provided him with new coping mechanisms, to deal with stressful situations. We began by teaching Rex to settle nicely on a mat which he picked up amazingly well and thus we transferred this new found skill in to Brigg where he could learn to be calm around new people. Rex progressed amazingly well, he learnt some lovely manners, became a favourite amongst the staff and gained an additional 10kg, putting him at a very healthy weight – he was a much happier boy. After 8 months Rex’s hard work finally paid off as he met the family of his dreams!

The Dawson’s are a family of four and they had been following Rex’s progress for the last few months and were so determined to make this boy part of their family. After a month of slow introductions, day trips and sleep overs at the family home, Rex finally got a happy ending! He is coping so well in his new home and has an incredible family by his side to keep him on track with his training. Rex now spends his days snuggling up with his new brother and sister in the comfort of his new forever home… a well-deserved happy ending for this beautiful boy!